Myth Busted!


What myth have you busted?

How does one keep a happy, healthy sɘx life over the long-term? Thinking about the 16 years that I have been married, I began to reflect on what keeps our intimacy strong and sɘxual experiences positive, productive, and pleasurable. Below are three ways to have positive sɘxual experiences with your partner.

It’s The Balance For Me

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It's The Balance For Me

I like to think of marriage as an intricate dance that requires balance to execute. When you think about balance, you may visualize something that, even when it’s a little shaky, it is steady enough to remain upright. And that, in our minds, would constitute a success! As long as it doesn’t topple over, it’s all good right? In terms of an object or building, sure, this is what we may all consider to be a success, it didn’t fall. Now think about this in terms of a marriage or relationship, would it be enough that the marriage didn’t “fall” or should other components be considered?

Because Infidelity


Because Infidelity

Infidelity is a hard pill to swallow, even if it were liquid. On a recent episode of  OWN's Belle Collective, one of the women was on her way to a lunch meeting with two of her girlfriends when all of a sudden, her husband pops up. He claimed that he showed up because she wasn’t answering his calls and he was worried for her safety, but she quickly squashed that idea and called him out on that half-truth! So, what was he really doing following her to an innocent brunch with the girls in the middle of the day? Well, the back story may help you come to your own informed conclusion.

Don’t F*ck With My Wife


Don't Fu*k With My Wife!

What does it mean (look like) to cover your spouse? Most of the responses will be based on tradition, what’s been taught, and/or biblically rooted, and certainly will vary based on gender roles. Here are three ways to cover your spouse.
  • * Think and speak positivity into each other. 
  • * Be transparent in your communication with each other
  • * Be the shield that protects for all outside forces that threaten your union
When you think about covering your spouse, you may think about the words Protect, Provide, or even Pray. While I can agree with this, I know that truly covering your spouse comes into play when you fully understand what Protect, Provide and Pray entails.

Marriage Is


Marriage Is....

Minding your own business while your partner is dead center of it! Have you ever been sitting on the couch, reading a good book or watching one of your favorite shows and BOOM! Your partner plops themselves down beside you and starts a conversation or just stares at you as if they’d like to say something. Either way, you immediately have the urge to break the concentration that you had on that book or show and redirect it to your partner. Depending on where you are mentally is what that will look like to your partner. This moment that I just described is marriage defined.

Look Who’s Getting Married


Look Who's Getting Married

Thinking about planning one of the most memorable days of your life, you have the venue, the caterer, the DJ, the florist and even the cake Maker! That's before you get to the people! And that list is just the tip of the diamond 😉. Taking steps towards a committed union is such a delicate time and having support that promotes a healthy and happy marriage is important. Simply thinking about my own marriage, happily united over 16 years and counting, I often think about the challenges that we faced with little to no support.

Do You Want to be Fed or F*cked?


You want to be Fed or Fu*ked

In my career, I have worked with an array of amazing couples. While they are very different, and come from different backgrounds, their need for support shares a common theme.


One of the things that I love about what I do is the ability to share new and different perspectives, along with effective communication tools. Creating easy to use, and navigate, avenues have been beneficial to my past, current and future clients. Talking about the things that we want to avoid most can be a game changer in your relationship, and having the tools to do it, takes to a new level!

Dating While Married


Are You Dating Your Spouse?

Dating while married can prove to be a tedious, and seemingly impossible task to complete. Thinking about planning a date alone can get your mind spinning, and let’s not even start on the “what should we do” part! Then you factor in children, work, family, etc., and it becomes easier to push dating further and further down the line. Sure, I can tell you that you just need to figure it out, but the reality is, that statement is easier said than done. So, what do you do?

Intimacy in Marriage


Intimacy or Love, You Decide.....

Love is what we seek, and in this search, we often neglect the importance of intimacy. I bet you never really thought of them being independent of each other! Obviously, by definition these two terms having different meanings, even if some may think of them as an overlapping parallel. Love is a term used to describe how one feels about a person, place, or thing. Whereas intimacy is an unspoken feeling of closeness one may feel for a person, place, or thing.

Your Love Personality


Do You Know Your Love Personality?

Love and intimacy play a major role in our lives no matter the situation. We develop close and distant intimate relationships with just about everyone we encounter. To give a better perspective, how about I share the general definition of intimate and intimacy.

Intimate is defined as closely acquainted; familiar, close. Private and personal. Detailed or thorough. Involving very close connection.

Intimacy is defined as closeness of observation or knowledge of a subject. Close familiarity or friendship; closeness. A private cozy atmosphere.