Love & Intimacy 101, LLC offers a wide variety of ways that you can receive coaching. For a more structured and tailored experience, select one of the one-on-one sessions. This allows you to the time to lay out exactly what your goals are and receive a carefully created plan that will guide you to achieving it. Maybe you don't have time for a weekly session and prefer something more self-paced. If this is the case, you would be better suited for the bootcamp style session. Then there is those of us who enjoy more of a group learning experience. For you, I offer that you join one of the yearly retreats.

Take a  few moments to review all of the services that Coach Kay has just for you! Here are a few videos speaking on some topics in a general form. When you are ready, hover over the services tab to get scheduled today!

Choose from one of the following:

Individual sessions: This is for the person who would like to take a personal journey of self. Whether in a relationship or not, you may need a little bit of support to help strengthen your partnership!

Couple's sessions: This is for couples who are pre-marital or post-marital that desire partnership stability. This method gives both parties individual time and couples time to learn and gain healthy communication methods.

Parent support sessions: This is for the parent(s) who recognizes the need to have sexuality (age appropriate) related conversations with their child(ren) but are unsure where to begin. This can be an assisted or direct support conversation with parent(s) and child(ren). Here is a great place to grab a few tools to add to that conversational toolbox.