Own Your Ish Sis!

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Ladies, are you up for a challenge?

Raised in the era of latch key kids and drug addicted parents, I often found myself wishing that I could close my eyes and disappear. My father committed suicide when I was six months, leaving my mom to raise me and my sister alone. We moved quite frequently and I attended six different schools over the span of twelve years. Having to readjust life every other year during such a critical point in life left no room to build stability, self-esteem or to create a healthy level of self-value or worth!

Welp, I got over it!

The way I got over it was to turn myself to stone and smile through the pain. This came with giving up my power; the power to grow, the power to learn, the power to be myself! This loss of power lead me down an unsavory road that ultimately ended with me being a single mother with two children under the age of two at the age of 20, living in section 8 housing, a criminal background, being a first year college dropout and a trail of minimum wage jobs. I continued the cycle!

I knew that my children deserved better than what I had growing up, so I had to OWN MY ISH! I knew I needed to regain trust within myself in order to grow and do better things and so that is what I did. Through trial and error, I figured it out and restructured my life! I am now a married mother of five, Masters degree holding business owner with over 15 years of HR experience!

My system worked and continues to work for me and I know it will for you as well! If you find yourself on a path that is not what you desire for your life, there’s hope. I have laid out a FREE 7-day challenge that will give you a boost on the path you do desire in life.

Each day you will receive an email with a new challenge that will guide you to being a better you. Once the series is completed, you will be able to keep what you learned in action ongoing. Take it a step further and enroll yourself in the 5-week empowerment course that will premiere at the end of July.

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Each task may seem simple on the surface but they will challenge you in different ways. The goal is for you to become the best version of yourself without excuses.

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