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Love and Intimacy...back to the basics!

Love & Intimacy 101, LLC was created out of the need for support with basic love and intimacy among young women and men that did not receive full transparency on the topic growing up. We are an all-inclusive coaching practice dedicated to the growth and development of genuine relationships through sex, love, intimacy, and communication. But let me be clear, this is not all about the physical act of sex!

Love & Intimacy 101, LLC works by empowering, encouraging, and guiding you through intimacy building with yourself, that translates to building intimacy with others. Through confidence building, boundary setting and transparent communication, your time with Coach Kay will result in you showing up for yourself, and in your relationship(s), on YOUR terms. As you explore the website further you will learn more about the brains behind the business, Coach Kay, and how she has created fun, exciting and unique ways of learning and exploring. So don’t stop here!

Coach Kay and husband Shawn

Why Would You Want a Sexuality Coach?

Have you experienced or know the definition of GREAT sex? Notice I said GREAT right? Just because you have had a lot of sex, and even orgasmed a few times, does not necessarily mean that you have had GREAT sex. Would you like to experience mind-blowing sex? (mind-blowing is what I mean by GREAT btw) I mean the kind that has you in tears of joy, confusion, and comfort when it’s all said and done. Well that all starts with you! Sex starts in the mind and the body, usually, happily follows. Meaning, get your mind "right"! Focus on you before relying on another to give you the pleasure you desire.

Let me be the first to tell you, You Are Not alone. If you did a little research, you would find that there is a large population of non-orgasmic sex happening in this world and that is where a Sexuality Coach comes into play. Just like sports, life, and financial coaches, our job is to help you improve a particular aspect of your life. Everyone could benefit from having a boost in the intimacy realm of their relationship. Wouldn’t you agree? This could not be any truer than for the single mother who barely has time to help the child(ren) with homework, the married couple who are years in and are now like two ships passing in the night or the introvert who’s ready to explore however not sure where to start.

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Billions of people have consensual sex EVERY DAY, yet it is still such a taboo to talk about or heaven forbid do anything beyond doggy style or missionary! Coach Kay is the listening ear and guiding light for you to share, learn and start exploring. My focus is listening to your goals, providing solutions to your obstacles, and creating a plan that would allow you to freely explore your ultimate intimacy, personal and relationship desires. As a married mother of five, I am fully aware of what a healthy and fulfilling sex life looks and feels like. I also know what can happen IF you allow yourself to become complacent with not seeking mind-blowing…well, you know what I mean.

Being a multi-business owning entrepreneur married to another business owner with 3.5 of the 5 children home, it can become challenging to keep the spark. But you best believe, I keep two rocks in my pocket! How easy is it for you to get caught up in your everyday life of cooking, cleaning, caring for others, working, etc., to the point that you forget about yourself? Self-care is extremely important and having a healthy sex life is included in that self-care realm! In fact, taking care of yourself is about the only way you WILL have a healthy intimate relationship at all!

As your Sexuality Coach, I am dedicating myself to guiding you (and your partner) on a new journey that starts with YOU! This will be done by providing life-altering, long lasting tools, tips and resources. Through purposeful coaching, I will set you (and your partner) on a path of the sexual and intimacy freedom of your desires. Check out these common reasons people fall into a sexual rut.

Common Causes of “Dull” Sex & Intimacy

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Infidelity
  • Religion/tradition
  • Pregnancy/childbirth
  • Low self-confidence/self-worth
  • Career climb or slump
  • *Medical (always seek medical professional help in this case)
  • No physical attraction
  • Poor communication
  • Fear

…and more

Coach Kay and her husband Shawn

Who Is A Candidate for Sexuality Coaching? 

Did you notice above I asked, “Why Would you Want a Sexuality Coach”? I purposely did not use the term Need because, just like lubrication after the first use, having a Sexuality Coach becomes a want versus a need. Why you ask? Well, women have amazing bodies and can produce its own natural lubrication but when you add just a small drop of an intimate lube, the slide is so much better. That is the same concept with adding a Sexuality Coach. You may be trudging along in life, “dealing” with yourself and your relationship not knowing that you could slide a little smoother by adding some of Coach Kay’s tools to your toolbox. You may be a candidate for sexuality coaching if….

  • You find that only your ex's pleasured you and who you're with now does not
  • You are pretending to be sick or sleep to avoid sex and intimacy
  • There has been infidelity that hasn't been "dealt" with
  • You get through sex by sending your mind elsewhere
  • You are unhappy internally and unsure why
  • You are fearful of expressing your sexual desires
  • You have hit a sexual plateau
  • You are in a new relationship that is totally sexless
  • Your sexual desire is not what it "used" to be

And this list could go on, so let us discuss a plan and options that are right for you!

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