You have questions, Coach Kay has answers! I am super excited that you are taking steps toward healthier relationships! Relationships within as well as external. My dedication is to our youth, singles and couples in search of solutions to some of the most common relationship missteps. With a focus on building confidence, helping to set boundaries and best ways of communicating those boundaries, your sessions are sure to result in the healthy union you seek.

Love & Intimacy 101, LLC is an all inclusive coaching practice that does not discriminate against any makeup of individuals or couples. Gaining a coach does not indicate there is a problem, in fact it shows that you are dedicated to building a strong foundation for your future. I applaud you for being open to this process!

The purpose of Love and Intimacy 101, LLC is to provide an open, safe, judge-free environment for individuals and/or couples  to receive structured coaching. As a Certified Sexologist, I have completed a rigorous training course that focused on the history of sex and sexuality, the biology as it relates to sexuality, safer sex practices, overall best practices and so much more! My goal is to help you find your love language by being an active listener, a transparent communicator and honest deliverer of knowledge.

The mission of Love and Intimacy 101, LLC is to help you with being comfortable about your sexuality, provide safer sex practices, teach you how to love yourself and other areas as requested. When you complete your coaching sessions, you will have a sense of confidence and pride about yourself. You will have a better understanding about your personal sexual limits and be comfortable exploring various sexual avenues. It is never too early or too late to receive sexuality coaching because I truly believe in Life Long Learning!!

So what is sexuality coaching exactly? By definition, coaching involves the guidance of an inexperienced entity by a more informed, experienced entity. Sexuality involves the emotions, physical being, thought pattern and so much more of any living thing. As your coach my goal is to help you identify any aspect of your sexual being that you feel could use guidance. This could involve teaching effective sexual skills, talking through how to communicate, setting boundaries around your feelings and body or understanding how to love yourself to allow you to love others.

Schedule your initial session today and be on your way to sexual freedom!