Children's Chair

How young is too young to learn about boundaries and personal space? When is the appropriate age to have "The Talk" with your child? These and more are questions that parents ask every day and the answer is, ongoing. Being able to communicate with children, as needed, to prepare them for the world can be difficult but it's necessary. Throughout a child's life, you should have several age appropriate conversations involving all aspects of human sexuality.

These conversations include, but not limited to, understanding their bodies, setting and confidently expressing personal boundaries, knowing how to report wrongful touching and appropriate anatomy terms. When we send our children to daycare, school and even Sunday school, they are surrounded by others that have the potential to share their version of this information. It is your duty as a parent to arm your child with proper knowledge so they are never misinformed.

As a mother of five, I am aware of the misinformation our babies can receive. I am also aware of the importance in arming them with knowledge and confidence. Schedule your session today and allow me to assist you in this journey.


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