Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You have questions, we've got answers! Here is a list of frequently asked questions. 

How do I schedule a sexuality coaching session?

To schedule your sexuality section, you can either go to the services tab here and select your perfect session or email us at

I signed up for the single session but really want the full production. How do I fix that?

Now that you have scheduled, you can simply log back into the scheduling module to exchange or contact us and let us take are of it for ya!

I've completed my sessions but need a one off session, do you offer that?

Absolutely! Once a client, always a client and having a one off every once in awhile is natural. Simply contact us directly at and let's get you in. By the way, you get the current patient rate.

I want to hold a group sexuality session for myself, my partner and a few other couples. Do you offer this?

We sure can accommodate group sessions and encourage it. Sometimes it helps to share experiences with other couples in a group setting while receiving guidance from a sexpert. Simply contact us directly at to discuss details.