Coach Kay

Who is she?

Welcome to Love & Intimacy 101, LLC! You have learned a bit about the practice, now it is time to meet your Coach. My name is Kanya, known to most as Coach Kay. I am a Life Coach and Certified Clinical Sexologist (life, love, and intimacy coach)! I am a married mother of 5 amazing children, former job chaser and avid voice for the voiceless. My coaching journey has been one filled with both life and formal institutional learning lessons. Getting to know a little about who I am will help you understand how I can best serve you on your life, love and intimacy journey.

Coach Kay

Raised in the era of latch key kids and drug addicted parents, I often found myself wishing that I could close my eyes and disappear. My father committed suicide when I was six months, leaving my mom to raise me and my sister alone. Twenty something year old widow left with two babies, we moved quite frequently, therefore, I was never interested in attaching myself or feelings to anything or anyone. I was set in survival mode at an early age, which is exactly how I wandered through life. I rarely felt comfort in my surroundings and often made decisions based on fear versus knowledge.

Welp, I got over it!

The way I got over it was to turn myself to stone and smile through the emptiness and pain. This came with giving up my power; the power to grow, the power to learn, the power to be myself! This loss of power lead me down an unsavory road that ultimately ended with me being a single mother with two children under the age of two by the age of 20, living in section 8 housing, a criminal background, being a first year college dropout with a trail of minimum wage jobs. Yup, I continued the cycle!

Although this is what I saw and lived growing up, I knew that my children deserved better. I knew I needed to regain trust within myself to grow and do better things. So that is what I did! Through trial and error, I figured it out and restructured my life! I am now a married mother of five amazing children, Master’s degree holding, successful multi-business owner with over 15 years of HR experience! Both of those baby girls are now thriving adults. The three that my husband and I created out of a new found love are at home, getting good grades and setting life goals of their own! Yes, I broke the cycle.

It is Your Turn!

How would you like to have a resource that can help you through tough communication barriers? One that has both life and formal education experience to share with you? That is who you acquire as your coach when you book your session(s) with Coach Kay.

While maneuvering through the certification process, I found that many of the tools gained enhanced my life and marriage. Over a span of 15 years, as an HR professional, I have counseled thousands of people in all areas of their life to include their personal relationships, career moves, self-esteem and more. It was through this experience that I learned we are all in need of a special someone who is willing and able to guide us through one of life’s hardest areas, LOVE and SELF. Sexuality coaching is not about the physical act of sex, but explores the entire realm of sexuality. Just as Life Coaching is not just about living, but actively being present in living your life!

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