Because Infidelity


Because Infidelity

Infidelity is a hard pill to swallow, even if it were liquid. On a recent episode of  OWN's Belle Collective, one of the women was on her way to a lunch meeting with two of her girlfriends when all of a sudden, her husband pops up. He claimed that he showed up because she wasn’t answering his calls and he was worried for her safety, but she quickly squashed that idea and called him out on that half-truth! So, what was he really doing following her to an innocent brunch with the girls in the middle of the day? Well, the back story may help you come to your own informed conclusion.

When Open No Longer Works!

Now it's none of my business but...


Some of you may have seen most of, if not all of the interview that Will and Jada Smith recently did in response to the claims that August Alsina made. Well if not, here's a brief  overview before we get down to business. About two weeks ago, August Alsina did an interview where he made a statement that included him being in a relationship with Jada Smith, on a romantic level. While the actual relationship that they shared is not new (it happened over four years ago), the interview about it brought it to the forefront. As we all know, with every story there are three sides (his, hers and the truth) so let's dive in.

August Alsina did an interview where he was asked about his romantic history to which he responded with information about he and Jada's time together. He made it clear that he was in love with and deeply cared about her. Many of the statements he made were very emotionally charged and matter of fact; things you would hear from someone who was deeply in love at some point and now hurt. "I gave myself to her for years", "I devoted myself", this broke me", and "it butchered me" are just a few of the statements that he made throughout his interview. While he was talking, his voice fluctuated often and sounded fueled with passion. He speaks about Jada in a sense where he still shares love for her and respects both her and Will. It is actually pretty heart wrenching to watch him speak on it. At one point he said that he sat with Will Smith and Will gave him his blessing. Not really sure how that works but OK. Unless there is a pimp involved in the equation or they are in a culture where endowments happen, permission to date his wife seems like a stretch.

Jada Smith decided to bring herself to "The Red Table" along with her husband Will Smith. Jada's demeanor was not the same as her ex-partner in that she stayed neutral throughout the interview. She spoke about the relationship she shared with August with very little regard, emotionally speaking. She made it a very PR centric feel; a stark difference from how August spoke of her. The way that it seemed, from Jada's perspective, is August came to her seeking help for an illness (not positive if it was mental or physical) and was provided with guidance and resources to help. He was welcomed in by their entire family and during this time an "entanglement" happened (Jada's words, not mines), but let's call a thing a thing, a relationship formed.

Throughout the entire interview, the one person that seemed to have any kind of emotion shown was Will. Jada stayed calculated in her words, selecting them very specific. On the other hand, Will was clear in that he wanted her to speak her truth transparently and did not except her terminology on what she had with August. According to the pair, about 4 years ago they were going through a rough patch and in the words of Will Smith, he was done with Jada. Essentially they were separated and individually on a quest to figure themselves out but at no time did either say or confirm that they were divorced.


Let's talk about it

Two weeks ago August Alsina did an interview where he announced a relationship with Jada Smith, wife of Will Smith. Shortly after, Jada and Will Smith did an interview to address all the loose ends that were floating around social media land. During their interview, the couple made it clear that they were going through a rough patch in their marriage, I'll repeat IN THEIR MARRIAGE! At no time did either state that they were divorced, what was said is that they were "taking a break" from the marriage. News flash, there should not breaks in a marriage that would ever create the notion that another person has the green light to engage others in a relationship capacity. Now, with that being said to each their own, I'm simply speaking from the general sense of a marriage.

When you make the commitment to enter into a union with your partner, you are doing so for the long haul; til death do you part! This does not mean that within that commitment, you cannot make "side deals". Now what do I mean by that? I'm speaking about mutual exploration between both partners. But let's not go down that path just yet. Back to this entanglement, I mean situationship, I mean hot mess of a situation. Will and Jada hit a wall in their marriage right around the time August, who was in a vulnerable state, came into the picture for whatever reason. At this point, I'm thinking that Jada is probably in a hurt place which allowed herself to be entertained by another person. Whether intentional or not, it happened. In that moment, Jada opened a door that could only lead to hurt for multiple people, herself included. According to past articles about Will and Jada, they have an agreeable open or flexible marriage but this was something different. This was the entering of a relationship with another party during a time of tension.

During the time of their affair, August would have been about 23 and Jada would have been about 44. He would have been in his sexual prime and easily able to fall in love with a mature woman. If he was like any other young man, he probably watched this beautiful woman on his TV screen and maybe even fantasized about her. This affair would have occurred around the time that Will and Jada's 18th or 19th year of marriage! That's a lot of time and love put in to have suddenly disrupted. The pair openly spoke on their dislike for each other during this time that opened the door for an affair. It is possible that August mistook this tift between the married pair as his "permission" to date Jada. None of us were around for those conversations though.

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