Relationship Guide


Five Characteristics Of A Stimulating Relationship serves as a roadmap through the basic fundamentals of building meaningful relationships. This guide shares five vital pillars that every person should practice in their relationship! One of the top issues that I hear from clients is the lack of sex and/or intimacy after a certain point, which can lead down a road of unsavory behaviors. With this resource at your fingertips, this concern will soon be that of the past. Build trust, grow love and enjoy your relationships with a new level of confidence!

While the basis of this guide speaks to marriages and romantic relationships, these practices are useful in just about any type of relationship you are involved in (work, friendship, situationship, etc.). And the most amazing thing is, you don’t even have to actively be in a relationship to enjoy and put many of the practices in place!



This book was written for those struggling with intimacy and overall communication! Choose either eBook or paperback ($9.99-$15.99)


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