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Let me start with the basics. What is Sexucated and Intimicized?

Sexucated and Intimicized is the process of sharing knowledge, providing resources, and supporting you on your sex and intimacy journey. When you are Sexucated, you are able to enter into sexual experiences On Purpose and with a know how that allows for maximum pleasure. Sexucation gives you an openness to positive self, and/or partner, sexual experiences. Being Intimicized gives you an emergence of deeper connections with yourself and/or your partner(s) for a balanced mental process that can lead to more fulfilling intimate related experiences. Love & Intimacy 101, LLC was created out of the need for support with basic love and intimacy among young women and men that did not receive full transparency on the topic growing up. We are an all-inclusive coaching practice dedicated to the growth and development of genuine relationships through sex, love, and intimacy. So if you are here and have read this far, I thank you for taking the first step to building a firm foundation of self that can lead you towards full sexual and intimate freedoms and fulfilment!

Love & Intimacy 101, LLC works by empowering, encouraging, and guiding you through intimacy building with yourself, and with others. Through confidence building, boundary setting and transparent communication, your time with Coach Kay will result in you showing up for yourself, and in your relationship(s), on YOUR terms. As you explore the website further you will learn more about the brains behind the business, Coach Kay, and how she has created fun, exciting and unique ways of learning and exploring. So don’t stop here!

Love & Intimacy 101, LLC operates in two capacities, based on the skill and knowledge of Coach Kay. She provides support through Life coaching as well as Sex & Intimacy coaching. Read a little further on the site to discover which path is just right for your healing and growth journey.

The purpose of Love and Intimacy 101, LLC is to provide an open, safe, inclusive and transparent environment for individuals and couples to receive structured coaching. As a Life Coach and Certified Clinical Sexologist, Coach Kay has completed trainings that includes the history of sex and sexuality, the biology as it relates to sexuality, intimacy, personal growth and healing and the list goes on!  Understanding the importance of the knowledge cycle, Coach Kay attends and hosts a number of personal growth and sexuality related trainings/courses on a regular basis. This allows Love & Intimacy 101, LLC to bring you the most up to date information and support available.

The mission of Love and Intimacy 101, LLC is to provide Sexucation that urges you to dig deeper within in order for you to organically build intimacy, and trust in yourself. It is this trust that opens the door to trusting your partner(s), and that is the point where you become Intimicized.

Coach Kay guides you in being comfortable about your sexuality, having open intimacy and sexuality related conversations, having non-anxiety driven boundary conversations, and other areas as requested. With each coaching session you will have a better understanding about intimacy and your sexuality as it relates to how it plays into all areas of your life. You will begin to be open and available to yourself in ways that you used to for other people. You will no longer pour from an empty cup!

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