It is time to (re)learn the art of mastering YOU!

Love & Intimacy 101, LLC is an all-inclusive coaching practice designed with the everyday person in mind. The employee that musters up enough strength to smile as they walk through the doors of work, the entrepreneur that reluctantly drags themselves out of bed to earn income for the month, the mother or father that fights the urge to shut down when their child(ren) needs them most or the spouse who paints on a brave face to ensure their partner’s happiness while fighting their own sadness.

Love & Intimacy 101, LLC is here to empower, encourage, and guide you to owning your sexuality and mastering being the best version of yourself!! Through confidence building, boundary setting and transparent communication, your sessions with Coach Kay will result in you showing up, every day, on your terms. When we own our sexuality, we own our full selves. We become the controller of our wants, needs and desires. Feeling confident in yourself begins with how you think about yourself, how you love yourself, how you touch yourself, and most importantly, who you allow to reside in your personal space. This tends to get lost over time and usually happens because you begin to place everything, and everyone’s’ needs ahead of your own.

The purpose of Love and Intimacy 101, LLC is to provide an open, safe, judge-free environment for individuals and/or couples to receive structured coaching. As a Life Coach and Certified Sexologist, I have completed a rigorous training course that walked through the history of sex and sexuality, the biology as it relates to sexuality, safer sex practices, overall best practices and so much more! With a master’s degree in management, concentration in human resources, I have gained over 15 years of managing and coaching a diverse pool of people in all areas of life.

The mission of Love and Intimacy 101, LLC is to help you find and believe in yourself. Coach Kay guides you with being comfortable about your sexuality, having open and honest sexuality related conversations, having non-anxiety driven boundaries conversations, teaching you effective ways of loving yourself and other areas as requested. With each coaching session you will have a better understanding about your sexuality and how it plays into other areas of your life. You will begin to be open and available to yourself in ways that you used to for other people by making a shift to placing you first.

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You have questions, Coach Kay has answers!

I am super excited that you are taking steps towards healthier relationships! Let me ask you a couple of questions. Have you mastered the art of being what others need you to be yet lost those mastery skills when it came to being yourself? Do you remember a time where you knew who you were and confidently walked in that knowledge, however, now it is more of a head down shuffle through life? Do you find it more difficult to trust, love and accept others into your personal space? If you answered yes to any of these or identify with similar scenarios, you are in the right place.

As a married mother of five, I have faced several challenges in life with the biggest one being losing my identity. I was so busy being a wife, a student, a daughter, an employee, and a mother that I completely forgot how to be me. I forgot how to enjoy life, how to make decisions based on me first. It became easier to just say yes then to take on the anxiety of what others thought about me saying no. Eventually, I burned myself out!

It was at that burnout stage that I recognized that it was time to take control of my life! The lessons that I have endured through this process have become valuable tools that I carry and share in my every day life and now I am ready to share them with you. Love and Intimacy 101, LLC is dedicated to helping you realize the value that you have within while providing you with tool necessary to engage in relationships that are set on your terms. 

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